Previous Business Activities

May 2002 - Sep 2005 Synergy Centres Ltd., Belfast, UK

Position: Chief Executive Officer

Synergy Learning provides cross platform online learning materials which promote the creative use of software products from industry leaders such as Macromedia, Adobe, Apple, Sony and Discreet. These learning resources support a wide variety of teaching and learning opportunities including tutor led, blended delivery and digital distance learning and allow for differentiation in learning styles. Customers of Synergy Learning products and services are located in the UK, Ireland and the Far East.

Synergy eBusiness Incubator benefits the Northern Ireland economy through focused involvement in the creation and growth of new businesses in the emerging global market for the development and application of e-business technologies. It further encourages and supports individuals/new start businesses with leading edge concepts and ideas to properly formulate and launch their business schemes in the rapidly expanding global market for the development and application of e-business technologies.

Jan 2002 - Apr 2002

Lumio Ltd., Belfast, UK

Lumio provides predictive analytical and marketing automation software products and services to interpret and respond to customer behavioural patterns across multiple channels. The company's solutions offer a combination of product license and software consulting services that assist in greater marketing efficiency and return on multi-channel investment.

Lumio's technology was acquired by Corporate Intellect and SPSS.

Position: Non-Executive Director (May 2002 - Dec 2002)
Position: Co-Founder & Interim Executive Director (Jan 2002 - Apr 2002)
Staff: 12

  • Product Management
  • Sales & Marketing
  • Personet supervisor (Marie Curie European Centre ofá Excellence for Web Mining)
  • Dec 1998- Dec 2001

    MINEit Software Ltd., Belfast, UK

    MINEit is an information technology services and products company specialising in the delivery of business intelligence services and products in national and international markets. Its expertise in data mining technologies and methods has grown from the origin as a first class research team in the University of Ulster. It delivers the benefits of the research pedigree in the area of business intelligence to companies who are thinking strategically about their competitors, IT infrastructure, markets, and the new e-business channel.

    MINEit was re-branded to Lumio Ltd.

    Position: Co-Founder, Chief Architect & Executive Director
    Staff: 32

  • Responsible for development of award-winning Easyminer product
  • Venture capital and other funding attraction in the order of US$ 3.2 Mio
  • PMML standardisation committee member (contibution of sequence representation)
  • Mar 1998- Apr 2002 Northern Ireland Knowledge Engineering Laboratory , Belfast, UK

    Position: Technical Manager & Research Fellow (Mar 1998-Apr 2002, seconded to MINEit / Lumio from Jun 1999)
    Role: "Technology transfer, research and development in advanced knowledge-based technologies and artificial intelligence"

    EU Framework 5: Project Manager & Grant Holder CERENA (Project n░ IST-1999-10039)

    EU Framework 4: Project Manager & Grant Holder MIMIC (Project n░ 26.749)

    Position: Research Officer (Feb 1996- Feb 1998)
    Role: "Data Mining research and development"

    Oct 1994- Feb 1996 University of Abertay, Dundee, Scotland

    Position: Part-time Lecturer
    Role: Teaching of C (BSc, HND and PG), C++ andá Smalltalk (HND), Unix (PG)

    Oct 1991- Feb 1996 Freelance consultant and developer

  • HTS, Hamburg, Germany: VC++, VB, ODBC, HTML, CGI (Mar 1994 - Feb 1996)
  • FHE, Mannheim, Germany: Clipper, dBase (Jun 1990 - Jul 1993)
  • KOMMSOFT GmbH, Mannheim, Germany: Informix, Sybase, Unix, C, awk, sed, lex, yacc (Oct 1991 - Sep 1992)
    Oct 1988- Sep 1992 Stadtverwaltung Mannheim, Mannheim, Germany

  • System and database Administrator: Unix, Novell, DOS, BS2000, Windows, Informix
  • Apprenticeship "Business Studies with Computing" (Oct 1988 - Sep 1991)